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At the same time, sudden blackouts in the eyes, a violation of tadalafil activity, and weakness are observed. Symptoms of a blockade of the 2nd degree are fainting and loss of consciousness. This situation occurs with repeated attacks of atrioventricular blockade several times in a row. 

Sometimes rheumatism or increased excitability of the vagus nerve leaves its mark on the conduction of an electrical impulse. In addition, 1st degree atrioventricular block may be caused by drugs. The second degree of cialis blockade is characterized by incomplete conduction of electrical impulses to the ventricles.

The most severe, third degree of the disease isa rather dangerous type of cardiac arrhythmia. At the same time, the work of the heart is regulated by the ventricles themselves, i.e. the access of the electrical impulse from the atria to the ventricles is completely blocked. As a result of the absence of an electrical impulse, the patient develops bradycardia - a significant decrease in heart rate. During this period, it most often does not reach 40 beats per minute. Symptoms of atrioventricular blockade of the 3rd degree are a decrease in blood pressure, shortness of breath, dizziness and frequent fainting.